Piano on stage in the music room


Circolo Pavia Lirica was born in 1967 as a spontaneous group called "Friends of Music". Every sunday afternoon, a group of friends would meet to exchange opinions and chat about their common passion: music and singing.
Many of them were also singers that, accompanied by a piano, would also sing for the whole afternoon. The habits soon became a weekend classic, with opera singing as the main interest that immediately lead to the foundation of the Circolo.
In 1973, the necessity of a new space, larger and more comfortable, will bring to move the headquarter to the new address on the Ticino's river edge in the center of the city, from then on called "Circolo Pavia Lirica".
The activity soon become well known and respected, thanks to the participation of many singers of every level: they all contribute to raise the reputation of the Circolo as one of the most committed organizations for the promotion of opera. By the end of 2017 the Circolo accounts 120 associates.

On the stage of the concert hall, during the musical afternoons, many young italian and foreign talented singers have the chance to express themselves, for them these are the first approaches with the spotlights, and the qualified public takes the chance to encourage them. From these sundays it comes out the idea to create an initiative that may favour the young talents: it's born the international competition "New Voices for Lyrical Music", it is 1976.
Year after year, the competition become more and more important thanks to the commitment and professionality of the jury and found.

In the history of the competition several singers have been present from all over the world, and many of them later became well known professionals of the world of opera, even to the highest levels. Some of them are the Soprano Denia Mazzola, Basso Serghei Martinov, the Tenors Fabio Armiliato, Marcelo Alvarez, Salvatore Licitra and Baritono Pavia-born Ambrogio Maestri.

In recent years the Circolo has created a special award "Il Sipario d'Argento" to be assigned to important celebrities of the world of lyrical music, to teachers or friends of the Circolo who distinguished themselves for the committment in promoting this music. In cronological order, Milena Dal Piva, Lorenzo Saccomani, Umberto Grilli, Igino Valsecchi, Nicola Martinucci, Rita Orlandi Malaspina, Fabio Armiliato, Ambrogio Maestri, Gianfranca Ostini, Riccardo Muti, Bruno Casoni, Franca Mattiucci, Alberto Mastromarino, Silvio Zanon, Leo Nucci, Luciana Serra e Angelo Loforese, Annamaria Chiuri, Raina Kabaiwanska , Carlo Colombara and Chiara Taigi.

In 2007 Circolo Pavia Lirica celebrated 40 years of life, with a very important event. The activity and reputation of the Circolo are today solid and well known, and contributed to make the city of Pavia a strong reference for professionals and amateurs of this musical gender.

For the Associates and Guests who wish to know us a bit more, at the headquarter are held the following activities:

• Every sunday afternoon, from september to june, concerts and performances of singers (professionals, ancient stars, young talents and students of well-known teachers, amateurs), accompanied by piano;
• concerts on friday or saturday evening.

Occasionally, for the appassionate lyrical music lovers:

• selection of concerts held in some of the prestigious locations of the city (Sala del Rivellino,Castello Visconteo,Teatro Opera Salesiana, Collegio Borromeo, ecc.), open to public (ticket) with facilities for the associates;

These activities are supported by the annual subscriptions to the circle and by the precious contribute of the Sponsors and by the friendship of famous professional singers.

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